La Mexicaine De Perforation



The City of Paris is well known for its hundreds of kilometers of former undergroud quarries.
Moreover, for numerous Urban Explorers all over the world, Paris is the Mecca of Urban Exploration and what the French police discovered on august 23rd 2004 is the proof of the vitality of this movement : this time, a band of Urban Explorers known as "La Mexicaine De Perforation" ("The Perforating Mexicans") built an entire cinema UNDER the Chaillot Hill, just few meters from the Eiffel tower on the other bank of the river Seine: Les Arènes de Chaillot (The Chaillot Arenas).
All the summer 2004, La Mexicaine De Perforation managed this cinema and showed dozens of movies in the Urbex Movies festival.

One remembers that La Mexicaine De Peforation organized at the Cinémathèque française's Chaillot projection room the Session Comoda clandestine film festival during the summer 2003.


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May 1, 2005: The first images ever seen on television of La Mexicaine De Perforation's clandestine cinema: Canal + : la Semaine du Cinéma with the interview of French director Pierre Tchernia whose film Les Gaspards (The Holes) is a classic for La Mexicaine De Perforation.

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Radio France
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In a secret Paris cavern, the real underground cinema
Paris's new slant on underground movies
Paris police find clandestine underground cinema
Cinéma clandestin dans les catacombes
Une salle de cinéma clandestine dans les catacombes ŕ Paris
French cinephiles going underground
Police find underground cinema in Paris
Underground cinema found in Paris
Kino in den Katakomben von Paris
Kino in den Katakomben
Entdeckt: Katakomben-Kino von Paris
Heimliche Film-Vorführungen in den Katakomben von Paris
The real Paris underground awakes
What lies beneath
Upphittat: underjordisk bio
Titkos vetíto›terem és bár a párizsi katakombarendszerben
Titkos föld alatti mozit találtak Párizsban
Fant hemmelig samfunn under Paris
Under Paris, Cinephiles Elude Police
More Underground Cinema
The City of Light Harbors a City of Darkness
Paris' Secret Underworld
Paris' Secret subterranean world
Vast, haunting underworld thrives below Paris streets
Under lights of Paris lies a secret city of darkness
Perforating Mexican Cinema - 100 feet underground, in the catacombs of Paris
Recordando el futuro
Underground Movie Watchers of Paris
Tuoi Tre

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