Hatje Cantz



Civil Operations, 2003
Selection of works from different series by Walter Niedermayr.
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Dream Factory Communism, 2003
Study of the Soviet mass culture of the Stalin era.
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Funny Pictures, 2005
Private photos from the Christian Skrein's collection.
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Gregory Crewdson 1985-2005
First publication of all the artist's photographic productions.
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Hannah Höch album, 2004
Hannah Höch's scrapbook.
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Heimat, 2005
Bialobrzeski's photographs of his "homeland".
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Las Vegas, 2005
Photographs of Las Vegas by Andreas Schmidt.
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Lebendiger Kristall, 2004
Photographs of crystals.
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Lucien Hervé, 2002
Very beautifull study about Lucien Hervé, the Le Corbusier's photographer.
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Naoya Hatakeyama, 2002
A retrospective of his work published at the occasion of exhibitions in Europe.
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Neontigers, 2004
Photographs of Asian Megacities.
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Nightscapes, 2001
Shots from nine contemporary photographers exclusively taken at night.
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Photomicrographs, 2004
A journey of discovery through the fantastic world of the invisible photomicrographs by Becher student Claudia Fährenkemper.
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Red Land-Blue Land, 2000
Photographic study of the military training ground of Senne in Germany.
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Snapshots - The Eye of the Century, 2004
Selection of photographs from the Snapshots Archiv Skrein.
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Oliver Boberg, 2003
This book unites for the first time the photographic and video works of Oliver Boberg.
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Stankowski - Photos, 2003
180 motifs by Anton Stankowski.
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Traffic, 2005
Travel and transportation photos from the Christian Skrein's collection.
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Your Lighthouse - Works with Light - 1991-2004, 2004
Catalogue of th exhibition devoted to the works by Olafur Eliasson between 1990 and 2004.
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