Monum, Editions du patrimoine



Encyclopédie Perret, 2002
Catalogue of the 2002 exhibition.
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Hommes et métiers du bâtiment 1860-1940 - L'exemple des Hauts-de-Seine, 2001
Complete story of the different building contractors involved in the building of this suburb of Paris.
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La métallurgie du Maine - De l'âge du fer au milieu du XXe siècle, 2003
Historical study on metallurgy in the French departments of Mayenne and Sarthe.
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Le patrimoine industriel de la Charente-Maritime, 2001
Complete study dedicated to the industrial heritage of the French department of Charente-Maritime.
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LU - Une Usine à Nantes, 1999
Complete study dedicated to the LU factory.
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Mille monuments du XXe siècle en France - Le patrimoine protégé au titre des monuments historiques, 1999
Notices about 1000 french monuments of the 20th century protected as historical monuments..
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Patrimoine industriel, 2000
27 industrial sites in France by the specialist of Le Monde
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Patrimoine industriel - Cinquante sites en France, 1997
A good survey of the industrial heritage in France throught 50 sites.
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Patrimoine industriel de la Gironde, 2000
Complete study dedicated to the industrial heritage of the French département of Gironde.
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Un patrimoine de lumière, 2003
Heritage of leaded glass windows in the close neighborood of Paris.
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