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Ancient Trees - Where the Gods Dwell, 2002
Nearly 150 photographs of trees from the Japanese primeval forests.
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Archéologie industrielle - Belgique, Industriële archeologie - België, Industrial archaeology - Belgium, 2002
Photographs of the industrial past of Belgium.
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Atlas du Paris haussmannien - La ville en héritage du Second Empire à nos jours, 2002
Brilliant study on the new Paris by Préfet Haussmann.
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De la dentelle & des Hommes - The Lace-makers of Calais, 2002
Photographic work devoted to the Lace-makers of calais.
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DÉSERT, Un homme sans l'Occident, 2002
Book made with the photographs of a film.
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Haikyo Hyoryu - Ruins, 2001
Catalogue of 180 pefect ruins.
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Integral Ruedi Baur and Partners, 2002
Work of one of Europe's most innovative design studio.
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La Jetée - Sans soleil, 2003
Two films by Chris Marker. La Jeté is the basis of Terry Gilliam's Twelve Monkeys.
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La lumière et le paysage - Créer des paysages nocturnes, 2003
Thoughts on the lightning of the landscape.
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Le bouclier abandonné - La place de Verdun de 1874 à 1918, 2002
Photographs of the Verdun fortification network.
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Le Guide Rouge : France 2003, 2003
The 2003 edition of this famous red book.
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Lime Works, 2002
New edition of this sold out book of photographs by Naoya hatakeyama.
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Play Time, 2002
Book devoted to the film by Tati.
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Reichen & Robert - Projets récents (1993-2002), 2002
75 recent works by the Reichen & Robert architecture agency.
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STADIUM - Le stade des marbres, 2002
Photographs of the statues of the stadium of Rome.
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Sur les traces de la Bièvre parisienne - Promenades au fil d'une rivière disparue, 2003
At the discover of the former Bièvre river in Paris.
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Survival City - Adventures among the ruins of atomic America, 2002
At the search of the legacies of the Cold War.
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Une France insolite - Les Troglodytes, 2002
A richly iconographied study on troglodytes in France.
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Villes fantômes de l'Ouest américain, 2003
Superb photographs of Ghost Towns in the U.S.A. .
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